It’s important to donate to the Vocational Institute of Michigan (VIM) because as a state licensed 501©3 non-profit we focus on helping individuals to obtain their dreams in industries that do not typically require an expensive college degree that may take years to obtain.   

VIM has short programs typically under a year that can help individuals struggling to get on their feet enter into a career that pays good wages to support themselves and their family in short period of time.  This means your donated dollars are making an immediate impact not only to the individual, but to their family and surrounding community they will be contributing work.

According to the U.S 2010 Census only 30% of Americans over the age of 25 have a bachelor degree or more!  This leaves a large percentage of individuals that will need to find jobs in industries that do not require post degrees which is why supporting vocational schools is very important to continuously improving the quality of life for the majority of our citizens.

VIM program costs are normally much lower than big colleges, so even small donations can make a huge impact towards a student’s education and career aspirations?

Please click the Donation button below to make a contribution of any amount to help educate students in need: