VIM Entrance Exam

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VIM Entrance Exam

VIM's Entrance Exam is used in order to fairly assess those applicants from non-traditional educational backgrounds, such as those not having a High School Diploma or a General Educational Development (GED), or who have not passed at a 9th grade or higher level in math and reading from a state approved testing center.

The Entrance Exam is comprised of reading comprehension exercises and mathematical problems. No specific preparation is required.



You take the exam on-line through VIM's Learning Center. Entrance Exam must be taken a minimum of three days prior to the start date of the desired class. A $20 USD (No cash currency accepted) application fee must be paid prior to taking the entrance exam.

You must pass the entrance exam with a 70% grade or above  to be eligible for Vocational Institute of Michigan programs.

Once payment has been received login to the VIM Learning Center using the same Pay Center email address and password used for this website to access the Entrance Exam.

VIM Learning Center can be accessed by clicking: Take Exam